Washington’s God, Religion, Liberty and the Father of our Country, Michael Novak and Jana Novak

Washingtons God

The dis-oriented author has has been reading about the founding of our nation. I have been particularly interested in the religious underpinnings of our Republic. While the religious influence of the original settlers is unquestioned. The religious influences on the political founding of the country by the generation of 76 is not as clear. The Novacks' Washington's God makes a case for the religious faith of George Washington.

After reading this book I have more questions than answers.

Michael Novak is a religious Catholic. He and his daughter bring this background to this book. Defining Washington's faith is a difficult task for any historian.

While Washington quotes on faith abound, during his life he was at best, privately religious. Washington rarely attended church and was criticized by some of his contemporaries for not practicing the expressive sort of religion that exemplified the Great Awakening. In this modern era, many religious people are looking for religious clues in the lives of all the founders. While Washington might be the logical place to look — this book offers tenuous proof at best.

This is an interesting book but it does not provide any conclusive answers.

Washington's God gets 2 of 5 dis-oriented smileys  ;-) ;-) ;-( ;-( ;-(

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