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The Few, The American “Knights of the Air” Who Risked Everything To Fight In The Battle of Britain, Alex Kershaw

The dis-oriented author has been reading a lot of World War II books. I knew that there were Americans in the RAF during the Battle of Britain, but I didn’t know anything about them. Alex Kershaw’s The Few, is the story of the American pilots who joined the Royal Air Force in the simmer of [...]


Amnesty Will Not Die

The dis-oriented author is a first-generation American. I still oppose amnesty for illegal aliens. My father was a British subject who later became a Jamaican citizen and spent over 50 years in the US as a permanent resident alien. My mother is from Guam, she is a US Citizen by the Organic Act. The act, [...]


Paul Revere’s Ride, David Hackett Fischer

The dis-oriented author is a history buff. I of course knew many of the lines from Henry Wordswoth Longfellow’s famous poem. David Hacket Fischer’s Paul Revere’s Ride transformed my image for Paul Revere from a 2-dimensional caricature to a 3-dimensional figure who played an important role in the founding of our nation. This is one [...]


Fallen Founder — The Life of Aaron Burr, Nancy Isenberg

The dis-oriented author is a history buff. I have been slowly working my way through the pantheon of the Founding Fathers. I have read biographies of George Washington, Jon Adams, Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. Aaron Burr shows up in most of as a character in most of them [...]

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Halsey’s Typhoon: The True Story of a Fighting Admiral, an Epic Storm, and an Untold Rescue, Robert Drury and Tom Clavin

The dis-oriented author has been through a Pacific Typhoon. Of course I weathered the typhoon in a building made of concrete block with metal shutters. So I was naturally curious when I saw Bob Drury and Tom Clavin’s  Halsey’s Typhoon, in the bookstore. The story takes place after the Battle of Leyte Gulf. I had [...]