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The Secret Service: The Hidden History of an Enigmatic Agency, Philip H. Melanson, Peter F. Stevens

In The Secret Service, Melanson and Stevens give an account of the history of the Agency. From its Civil War roots as a spy agency to the modern roles of counterfeit prevention and protection. This is a very readable book and almost all readers will learn a great deal about the agency. The authors describe [...]


Marie Antoinette: The Journey, Antonia Fraser

Marie Antoinette was a fairy-tale princess who maried the dauphin of France when France’s power was near its peak. At first the French people loved their queen. Unfortunately it did not last.


The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin, H.W. Brands

Franklin became one of the leaders in the cause of American Liberty. He was subjected to humiliation by privy council. He went to England a loyal subject and returned home as the First American.


Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution, Simon Schama

I have always viewed the French Revolution as a single event — Schama’s book helped me to see it zoom in and see it as a sequence of connected events.


Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow

Winners write the histories. In the case of Alexander Hamilton — the survivors have written the histories. Hamilton is the forgotten founding father.

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