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The Envoy, Alex Kershaw

The dis-oriented author is a history buff. I enjoyed Alex Kershaw’s The Few about American pilots in the Battle of Britain. So when I was looking for a book to read on a trip I bought Kershaw’s The Envoy. The book tells the story of one of World War II’s unsung heroes, Swedish diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg. [...]


Washington’s God, Religion, Liberty and the Father of our Country, Michael Novak and Jana Novak

The dis-oriented author has has been reading about the founding of our nation. I have been particularly interested in the religious underpinnings of our Republic. While the religious influence of the original settlers is unquestioned. The religious influences on the political founding of the country by the generation of 76 is not as clear. The [...]


Jimmy Stewart: Bomber Pilot, Starr Smith and Walter Cronkite

The dis-oriented author is a Jimmy Stewart fan. I know that my younger readers may not know who he is. Jimmy Stewart  won the Oscar for Best Actor in 1941 for Philadelphia Story. As an actor, Stewart was known as a self-effacing everyman. The closest modern equivalent would be Tom Hanks. What I learned from [...]

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The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944, by Rick Atkinson

The dis-oriented author has a special interest in World War II. I read the first installment of Rick Atkinson’s Liberation Trilogy, Army at Dawn. I bought Day of Battle the day it was released. Army at Dawn chronicled the war in Africa and Day of Battle follows up with the war in Sicily and into [...]